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One week (7..9) market review and outlook of viscose upstream and downstream products

last week, viscose staple fiber continued to decline. Affected by the weak market and market panic, last Tuesday (July 3, metallographic analysis method 6), many major manufacturers have reduced their quotations by yuan. Among them, the transaction price of the 1.5D high-end market in the northern market is around 18200-18300 yuan/ton, and the general price is around 18000 yuan. The southern market also fell into a stalemate. Market sales were slightly tired, and the trading atmosphere continued to decrease. The market turnover was around 18000 yuan/ton

market situation of cotton linter and pulp

last week, the market resources of cotton linter were still tight, and the quotation of short linter with good quality was still strong. Among them, the quotation of two-layer linter in Shandong was mostly in yuan/ton, the mainstream negotiation price in the market was around 7300 yuan/ton, the delivery price in Jiangsu was in yuan/ton, the delivery price of two-layer linter in Hebei was mostly in yuan/ton, and the price of some people with poor quality was as low as 6500 yuan, but the loss of viscose staple fiber made of this kind of short linter was relatively high; The quotation in southern Xinjiang is yuan/ton, the transaction price is more than 6500 yuan, and the quotation in Northern Xinjiang is yuan/ton. Domestic short fiber supply is not much, and the quality is uneven, resulting in the increase of imported short fiber. Some pulp enterprises reflect that the quality of short fiber in the market is poor and the loss is relatively large

the recent trading atmosphere in the cotton pulp market is still light. With the increase of downstream parking and maintenance, inquiries in the market have increased. Enterprises often quote around 13000 yuan/ton, while the mainstream negotiation price in the market is mostly 12800 yuan/ton, and the actual transaction is 12500 yuan/ton. The mainstream transaction price in Xinjiang is yuan/ton, and the lower price is around 12400 yuan/ton. Seria Changyi cotton pulp short silk grade enterprise quotation in June is 13500 yuan/ton

the market inquiry of wood pulp has increased. Due to the small supply of goods in the foreign market, the market quotation is still relatively stable, the port self offer is still strong at the level of 1700 US dollars/ton, and the quotation of domestic wood pulp is at the level of yuan/ton. CIF Shanghai quotation is 1610 US dollars/ton. The contract quotation of Canadian wood pulp in June is 1650 US dollars/ton. Polyurethane insulation material is the best ton of organic insulation material in single 1. The average customs declaration price in June is 137 US dollars/ton. The quotation of domestic wood pulp products is also lower than that of cotton pulp. The quotation of Fujian Nanping Paper in June was 11500 yuan/ton, while that of Bailu paper and Chenming Paper in June was yuan/ton. There was no shock and vibration in the experimental process. At present, the market demand for wood pulp began to increase, and the price was the main factor

viscose market quotation

last week, driven by the weak market, many major mainstream manufacturers have reduced the quotation of viscose staple fiber, including Nanjing chemical fiber fell 100 yuan, Jiangxi Saideli fell 200 yuan/ton, the viscosity of Tangshan raw materials began to increase rapidly, Sanyou fell 200 yuan, Funing Aoyang fell 100 yuan, etc. Last week, Tangshan Sanyou 1.5D viscose staple fiber was quoted at 18500 yuan/ton, Jiangxi Saideli high-strength 1.5D viscose staple fiber was quoted at 18600 yuan/ton, Shandong Gaomi 1.5D was quoted at 18500 yuan/ton, and Xinxiang Chemical fiber was quoted at 18300 yuan/ton. Market panic is growing, and enterprises are worried about the decline in quotation. It is understood that at the beginning of next week, many large viscose manufacturers are preparing to cut prices again

last week, the filament market continued to be light, and the actual transaction price fell slightly. As the off-season has come, downstream buyers mostly purchase according to the order demand, and the terminal demand begins to slow down. Market participants have no hope for future generations, and it is more likely to continue to decline. The quotation of Jiujiang Hengsheng 120d/30f Youguang is 34700 yuan/ton, that of Dandong Wuxing 120d/25f Youguang is 35000 yuan/ton, and that of Xinxiang Chemical fiber 120d/44f is 37500 yuan/ton. The price of 120d glossy viscose filament in the first grade is about 37000 yuan/ton, the high price in the second grade is up to yuan/ton, the low price is at 34500 yuan/ton, and the quotation in the third grade is maintained at 34500 yuan/ton

market situation of human cotton yarn

last week, the profit space of human cotton yarn market was fairly good, the market quotation continued, and the shipment situation was relatively good, mainly because textile enterprises produced more profitable all cotton yarn, resulting in a sharp reduction in human cotton yarn manufacturers, which also led to an obvious situation of tight supply of human cotton yarn in the market. In addition, the high price of all cotton yarn has also driven many cotton related products to switch to human cotton yarn products. Browsing summer T-shirts this year, we can see that in general, many tr fabrics and polyester cotton fabrics also appear in the ingredient list of large, medium and high-end brands. The mainstream quotation of 30s cotton yarn Market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang market is yuan/ton, and the profit of the yarn factory is relatively satisfactory


last week, some manufacturers resumed production of viscose staple fiber devices, and the market supply began to increase, but this also intensified the competition in the industry. Although the profit margin of downstream cotton yarn enterprises is satisfactory, the demand of cotton yarn enterprises is small, and the situation of oversupply in the viscose market has always existed. In addition, the cotton market is also in an urgent downward trend, which will also play a certain drag. It is expected that the further decline of the viscose market may be large

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