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Review of hydrogen peroxide Market in the first quarter and future forecast

quietly in the past first quarter, the hydrogen peroxide market was unpredictable, and the price continued to rise after hitting the bottom. Now we briefly review the hydrogen peroxide Market from the market, construction and import and export sections, and make a short-term future forecast


in the first quarter, the domestic hydrogen peroxide market was first depressed and then increased. Before the Spring Festival, the price hit the bottom and then slowly recovered. It roughly experienced three processes: the inventory reduction period before the Spring Festival, the slow recovery period after the festival, and the price surge period in March

inventory reduction period before the Spring Festival

on the eve of the Spring Festival, the downstream demand for hydrogen peroxide was low, papermaking, cotton textile and other enterprises were delisted one after another, water enterprises mainly reduced inventory and shipped, and the price was under pressure. In mid January, the national average price of 27.5% hydrogen peroxide fell to 807/ton, a decrease of 6.81% from the beginning of January, entering the first price "trough" of the year and hitting the lowest price of hydrogen peroxide in the first quarter

slow recovery period of demand

after the Spring Festival, the domestic hydrogen peroxide market demand recovered slowly. Due to the overall low pool level of water enterprises during the Spring Festival, the rate of water enterprises in the North raised the quotation tentatively, but the downstream demand recovery was less than expected. In addition, the two sessions in Beijing were about to be held, so the price support was weak, and the prices in Shandong and Hebei regions fell under pressure at the end of February. However, after the year, the demand of the southern market was steadily advancing, coupled with the centralized maintenance of water enterprises and the reduction of the supply side, the prices of southern water enterprises such as Anjiang and Zhejiang rose slightly, with a range of about 50 per ton. At the end of February, the national average price of 27.5% hydrogen peroxide was 855/ton, and the price entered the second "trough" of the year

the price surge period of water enterprises

in March, the domestic hydrogen peroxide north-south market "reversed several times". Driven by the demand of the southern market in the middle and early days of March, the price of water enterprises rose in stages, and the northern market was relatively under pressure. In the middle and late ten days, with the end of the two sessions in Beijing, the downstream printing and dyeing, cotton spinning and other operations in the northern market increased rapidly, and the northern market price rose rapidly. At the end of March, the national average price of 27.5% hydrogen peroxide was 1044/ton, up 22.11% from the end of February

operating rate

in the past first quarter, the international cooperation and exchange of hydrogen peroxide (7), a key sample, accelerated the expansion, and the operating rate of enterprises as a whole showed a volatile upward trend, with an average operating rate of 81.35%, and the overall operating rate was at a high level in the industry. At the beginning of the year, Hongda Chemical, Shandong Binhua, 5. The relative humidity is no more than 80%. Satellite petrochemical, dongyangguang new experimental machine must be replaced with 68 × hydraulic oil and other enterprise devices for maintenance after one year of use. The start-up basically remained below 80%, and the start-up fell to the lowest point of 72.91% at the end of January. After the Spring Festival, with the resumption of production of water enterprises in the early stage of maintenance, the start-up situation continued to pick up, but the start-up of downstream enterprises recovered slowly. Another wave of centralized maintenance period was ushered in in the middle and late February. Hengyang Jiantao, Yangnong chemical, Hangzhou Mingxin and other water enterprises maintained to varying degrees, and Hengtong's technical transformation of a set of devices, which fell to 73.41% in late February. In March, with the recovery of demand and the resumption of production of water enterprises in the early maintenance period, the operating rate continued to rise. The operating rate of hydrogen peroxide enterprises reached 87.96% in the middle and early March, the highest level in the first quarter. In the middle and late ten days of the overhaul of Jiangxi Liwen device, Tianjin Dagu and Xinxian Juye devices stopped for a short time, and the operating rate fell slightly. At the end of the month, Liuhua Liuzhou base announced its shutdown, and the operating rate fell again. As of the end of March, the operating rate of key hydrogen peroxide enterprises was 82.69%

Import and export

Table 1: Statistics of hydrogen peroxide import and export volume in 2019

according to the customs data, the total import volume of hydrogen peroxide in 2019 was 5677.57 tons, with an average price of 1086.68 US dollars/ton; The monthly export volume was 6959.15 tons, and the average export price was 389.64 US dollars/ton. The export volume increased by 1977.36% over the same period in 2018. With the release of new domestic hydrogen peroxide production capacity, the contradiction between market supply and demand has gradually become prominent. In order to alleviate the domestic sales pressure, some water enterprises hope to find a demand breakthrough from the international market, and the export volume of hydrogen peroxide has been increasing in recent years. However, it can be seen from the import and export data that at present, China, China and Mongolia have signed a cultural cooperation agreement, the distribution of oxygen and water import and export resources is uneven, and the import price is far higher than the export level

from the perspective of production and marketing countries, in 2019, Vietnam was still the country with the largest export flow of hydrogen peroxide, with an export volume of 3639.8 tons, accounting for 53%, accounting for half of the country. Other countries such as South Korea, Malaysia and Turkey also have relatively considerable export flows. From the perspective of export suppliers, the export volume of hydrogen peroxide in Shandong Province was 2648.39 tons, ranking first, and the export volume of Jilin Province was 1213 tons. The export situation of leading enterprises represented by Luxi and Evonik was considerable. In addition, the export of Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other East China coastal areas also showed a strong momentum, and Hunan, Guangdong and other places also had a small number of exports. The export volume was not large as a whole, and the distribution was relatively scattered, but to a certain extent, it also reflected that the scope of export radiation was gradually expanding from coastal to inland, and more and more hydrogen peroxide enterprises participated in the international market

aftermarket forecast

entering the second quarter, Liuhua plant was reduced, Hongda Chemical resumed production, Xingfa new plant was about to be put into production, and water enterprises started rising and falling. Considering the supply side, the output of dilute products in Central China has increased moderately, while the demand for concentrated products in the southern market has maintained a relatively strong momentum. In order to alleviate the pressure on the sale of dilute products, the load of concentrated products in short-term water enterprises has increased, the supply of dilute products has been tightened, and in addition, leading enterprises such as Shandong and Anhui still have large orders to support, and the inventory of water enterprises in the early stage has continued to decrease, there is no pressure on short-term sales, and the downward expectation of prices is not strong. Considering the southern market, due to the impact of early safety accidents in Jiangsu, the trading in the southern Jiangsu market tends to be weak, and the storage level of water enterprises is high, so the price is afraid of downward risks. The market direction in South China will maintain a strong momentum, and the water sources in the north will gradually go south, and the price is still expected to rise

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