Review and development of the hottest ink Market

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Review and development of the ink market

current situation of the ink industry in 2005

(1) the rise in the price of raw materials and the increase in costs in all aspects have led to a decline in the profits of ink enterprises

in 2005, the crude oil price has been hovering at the highest level in history, once close to $70/barrel. The rise of crude oil directly led to the rise of ink raw materials. Although the price of organic solvents did not reach the peak in the second half of 2004, in 2005, the price of ink raw materials per ton increased by 1000 ~ 3000 yuan compared with the annual average level in 2004. For solvent based inks, the price of organic solvents directly controls the profits of ink enterprises. When the price of solvents rises, the profits of enterprises will decline significantly, and even there will be no profits or losses

the continuous rise in the price of raw materials was the biggest problem encountered by ink enterprises in 2005. Although some enterprises proposed to increase the sales price of products, due to the fierce competition in the ink market, the pressure of cost growth could not be transferred to packaging and printing enterprises, and only some small and medium-sized packaging and printing enterprises were required to raise prices

(2) benzene free inks have been developed

at the ink conference held in Hangzhou in April, 2005, many experts proposed to improve the environmental protection and hygiene of ink, and suggested to strengthen the control index of heavy metals in the ink industry standard. In July, 2005, the odor problem of potato chip plastic flexible packaging of a company in Lanzhou once again aroused people's attention to environmental friendly ink

for offset printing inks, the high boiling solvent used contains certain benzene substances, and it contains heavy metals, which leads to peculiar smell in the printing of newspapers and books, endangering people's health. The plastic flexible packaging industry has asked to control the benzene residue of benzene containing ink below 3mg/m2, which puts forward strict requirements for solvent-based ink manufacturers, and also greatly promotes the development of benzene free ink

although benzene free ink has no advantages over benzene containing ink in terms of quality and price, it still made great progress in 2005. Many enterprises with strong technical strength have increased the market promotion of benzene free ink. It can be predicted that this market will gradually grow in the next 2-3 years

(3) the scale and strength have been improved, and the market competition has shifted to technical strength

compared with 2004, the scale and strength of ink enterprises in 2005 have been greatly improved. According to the national ink industry statistics, the output growth of several major ink production enterprises in 2005 significantly exceeded the national average level, which shows that China's ink industry is developing towards scale in 2005. At the same time, with the rise in the price of raw materials, ink enterprises also began to pay attention to the investment in technology research and development, and have set up professional ink research institutes or R & D departments to engage in the development of new products, laying a solid foundation for technology improvement

in terms of hardware investment, some large and medium-sized ink enterprises have established new factories to improve the ink production environment. Guangdong, Zhejiang, Tianjin and Shanghai are still the main ink production bases in China, and some ink enterprises have developed rapidly, such as Shanxi Xiongying company, Shanxi essence company and Anhui Xinli ink. In October, 2004, the new plant designed by Xinli ink according to the scale of 80 displacement precision and 00 tons of plastic ink began to be used. Over the past year, the production environment of ink products has been significantly improved, and the production costs have been reduced accordingly. Zhejiang yongzai Chemical Co., Ltd. has planned to invest 120million yuan in Pujiang economic development zone and land 200 mu to build the "yongzai resin ink Industrial Park", which will reach an annual output of 20000 tons of resin for ink and 20000 tons of printing ink

according to statistics, the output of Enterprises above Designated Size (the statistics of the top 30 enterprises) has reached 200000 tons from January to November 2005. With the output of other enterprises, the national ink output has exceeded 300000 tons from January to November 2005, an increase of about 15% compared with 2004, and still maintains a high-speed growth

characteristics of the ink market in 2006

the ink market in 2006 will show the following characteristics

(1) environmental friendly inks gain development space

in 2006, a new national standard for ink will be issued, which will strictly regulate and control the residue of benzene solvents and the content of heavy metals. The introduction of such standards will provide room for the development of environmental friendly inks. At the same time, due to the general recognition of environmental friendly inks in the society, such inks will develop rapidly, especially benzene free plastic inks, which will also be applied on a large scale in 2006. From this perspective, in 2006, Chinese ink will move towards the fast lane of rational development

at present, the application of water-based ink in cartons and some papers has been mature, but it is still affected by factors such as drying speed in plastic film and coated paper printing, and it is still in the initial stage of research and development, so it is difficult to replace solvent based ink in the short term

(2) there is no significant change in ink price, which is subject to the fluctuation of crude oil price

as the ink price only accounts for 5% - 15% of the printing cost, facing the relatively mature ink market in China to enhance the interaction between port industrial parks and ports, the ability of ink enterprises to adjust prices is quite limited. Of course, the price of ink is greatly affected by the price of crude oil. If the price of crude oil rises sharply, it is inevitable for ink enterprises to make a certain range of price adjustment

(3) the market competition is more intense, and the investment in technology research and development and equipment is increased

the competition in the ink market will basically turn to the competition of product research and development and technical strength, which will be more brutal than a simple price war. Such as mirror ink, fluorescent ink and other special inks will continue to appear. This differentiated product has become one of the important profit sources of enterprises

the ink industry will increase investment in 2006. At the 2005 China paint exhibition, some foreign advanced ink manufacturing equipment, or domestic ink manufacturing equipment imitating foreign advanced technology, became the purchase hotspot of China's ink industry. With the use of such equipment, the production cycle of ink will be shortened and the quality of ink will be further improved

finally, in terms of output, it will increase by more than 13% in 2006 compared with 2005, and is expected to reach about 380000 tons

as China's packaging and printing industry is in a period of rapid development, this will lead China's ink industry to continue to grow. The reason: rapid development. According to the basic situation of national ink in 2005, the output of large and medium-sized ink enterprises will grow faster in 2006, with the strength of International market competition, and medium-sized ink enterprises will improve their professional technology and achieve technological breakthroughs. Regularly conduct relevant tests on its raw and auxiliary materials

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