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LANXESS and Hantai tire jointly develop new technologies for high-performance tires

· LANXESS signed a technical cooperation agreement with Hantai, aiming to develop new synthetic rubber products and technologies for high-performance tires

· further enhance the long-term cooperative relationship between LANXESS and Hantai tires

Cologne/Seoul - recently, LANXESS, a German manufacturer of special chemicals, signed a technical cooperation agreement with Hantai tire, Joint research and development of synthetic rubber technology for high-performance tires

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under the framework of the agreement, Langsheng and Hantai tire will jointly develop new high-performance synthetic rubber products and applications to improve tire performance in the initial stage of product development

since 2008, LANXESS has worked closely with Hantai tire. The former has long supplied the latter with the core raw materials of high-performance tire products - solution polymerized styrene butadiene rubber and neodymium butadiene rubber. The new cooperation agreement signed this time will further enhance the cooperative relationship between LANXESS and Hantai

since South Korea, the European Union and Japan successively introduced the tire labeling method, the market demand for high-quality tires is increasing, so the high-performance tire market is growing rapidly. In December 2012, South Korea became the second market to implement the mandatory tire labeling law after the European Union. The tire industry and automobile industry in South Korea have great interest in high-performance synthetic rubber used to produce high-performance tires. In addition, Japan launched a voluntary tire labeling system in 2010, Brazil will introduce a labeling law in 2016, and China and the United States are also developing relevant plans

LANXESS is the largest synthetic rubber manufacturer in the world, providing high-performance synthetic rubber for major tire manufacturers in the world. Last October, LANXESS launched two easy to process neodymium butadiene rubber products - Buna nd 22 Ez and Buna nd 24 EZ. These two products are designed to meet the demand of the fast-growing high-performance tire market. China's extruder industry has many beneficial conditions in terms of foreign trade exports, especially in the Asian tire market. At present, Langsheng is building the world's largest neodymium butadiene rubber plant in Singapore, which is expected to be put into operation in 2015

Dr. Joachim grub, head of the high performance CIS polybutadiene rubber business department of LANXESS group, said: "Innovation has always been the core driving force of LANXESS. LANXESS enjoys a high reputation in cutting-edge research and development and providing customers with Brooks' new customized solutions for Brooks levitate products. The company will assist Hantai tire to become a global tire manufacturer with leading technology and high-quality products under the new technical cooperation framework"

Li Xiangzhou, senior vice president of Hantai tire and head of global R & D headquarters, said: "based on the excellent technology of Hantai tire, the high-performance tire market has become the focus of our development. We will continue to research and invest in this to become the world's top tire manufacturer."

"the technical cooperation between us and LANXESS and our continuous R & D investment will enable us to have more advanced tire technology, so as to strengthen and consolidate Hantai tire's position as a global high-end tire manufacturer," Li Xiangzhou added

the technical cooperation with Langsheng shows the continuous improvement of Hantai tire in technical research and development. In addition to investing in the construction of new R & D centers and experimental engineering centers in South Korea, Hantai tire will further strengthen its technological leadership in the industry by strengthening R & D investment and establishing an interactive knowledge sharing system with LANXESS

Hantai tire

Hantai tire (CEO: Xu Chenghe) is one of the world's leading and fastest-growing tire manufacturers. Hantai tire continues to invest in research and development costs in its five R & D centers all over the world, and is committed to providing consumers with an extraordinary driving experience. Hantai tyre produces high-quality tyres for passenger cars, four-wheel drive vehicles, SUVs, light trucks, truck buses and racing cars. At present, Hantai tire has 7 production plants in 4 countries, sales networks in 180 countries around the world, and more than 20000 employees

Langsheng high performance butadiene rubber business department

Langsheng high performance butadiene rubber business department produces multi-purpose polybutadiene rubber, solution polymerized styrene butadiene rubber and neodymium butadiene rubber. The product portfolio of the high-performance cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber business department also includes general-purpose emulsion styrene butadiene rubber. Emulsion styrene butadiene rubber is still one of the most widely used polymers. The business department uses the efficient production process optimized for decades to produce emulsion polymerized styrene butadiene rubber. The high performance butadiene rubber business department is subordinate to the high performance compounds sector

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