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LANXESS took ion exchange resin to participate in the environmental protection exhibition

from November 30 to December 3, LANXESS of Germany took part in the 2010 French international environmental protection industry exhibition held in France with the high-performance Lewatit ion exchange resin product series, which focused on water, atmosphere, noise and waste treatment technology

from material development to simulation, LANXESS highlighted two products - an improved mixed adsorbent for selective removal of arsenic from drinking water. Lewati Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has produced experimental machines. Over the years, our technicians have protected the T fo 36 and the chelating resin Lewatit monoplus TP 207 for life, The chelating resin can be used to remove heavy metals in the treatment of water and wastewater with a retrogradation capacity of more than 65million tons in China last year. Langsheng produces ion exchange resins and special adsorption resins with about 500 different uses, which play an important role in solving water treatment problems. Under the background of the increasing shortage of global drinking water supply and the rising demand for energy, the application prospect of ion exchange resin in the future is very broad

it is understood that Langsheng has invested 50million euros in the jihagadia base in India and 30million euros in the bitfield base in Germany to develop and produce membrane filtration technology products. The new plant in bietfeld plans to enter the trial operation and development stage by the end of this year, and the first batch of products will enter the market in 2011; The new ion exchange resin plant in Jhagadia was officially put into operation on December 2, with a design annual capacity of 35000 tons

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