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LANXESS Germany special composite material production line is put into production

LANXESS, a German special chemical manufacturer, has put into operation a new thermoplastic special composite material production line at its Krefeld Uerdingen production base in Germany

LANXESS has invested nearly 7million euros in the development of the new production line, which is expected to increase the annual production capacity of high-performance composites by 10000 tons per year

the new production line complements the existing composite production line of Krefeld Uerdingen factory, which specializes in the production of Durethan Polyamide Composites and PBT composites under the brand of LANXESS pocan

Dr. Michael zobel, head of LANXESS' high performance materials business department, said: "through this investment, we have particularly responded to the development of new transportation modes such as electric vehicles, as well as the trends in the electrical and electronic industries such as industry 4.0, which has promoted the growing demand for thermoplastic composites. "

&em should seek professionals in time to protect sp; the production line includes a twin-screw extruder and equipment specially used for raw material feeding, quantitative feeding, cooling and classification applications.

Stefanie nickel bosh, head of composites in Langham Sundstrand high performance materials business department, said:" the extruder provides all the equipment required for the economic production of high-quality composites. "

"for example, this production line is very suitable for the production of glass fiber reinforced polyamide in the company. This material is applied to the space contraction and zigzag design under the lightweight of automobile structure."

"we also see the great potential of flame-retardant composites, for example, to be used in electric drive components."

LANXESS pointed out that the new production line is also suitable for the production of high mineral content composite materials. It is often used to do a full range of epidemic prevention and control, and measure and ensure the heat conduction shell components

at present, the business scope of Langsheng's composite material production line includes Wuxi, China, gihagadia, India, Gastonia, the United States and port felis, Brazil

the company also plans to open another composite material production plant with an annual capacity of 25002015 (the eighth) dual use new materials forum of 0 tons in Changzhou, China next year

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