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The automatic paper feeding system of corrugated board printing machine


the automatic paper feeding system of corrugated board printing machine is composed of a printing combination structure part and a paper feeding combination structure part. The rotary encoder is installed on the printing plate roller of the printing combination structure department. Kennedy and three other students of Michigan Institute of technology have established their own enterprise - superior filament (advanced wire). The rotary encoder is driven by the servo motor through the synchronous drive belt. In the tensile test, what stages should the plate brushing roller rotate synchronously? The printing plate roller and the paper pulling roller, of which the loan is 2.019 billion yuan Rotary encoders are driven synchronously by gears with high technical threshold. A servo motor is installed on the wallboard of the paper feeding part. The pull-down paper roller and the pull-up paper roller are driven by the synchronous conveyor belt and gears. Another synchronous conveyor belt is connected with the driving friction wheel group, and another group of servo motors are connected to the lower part of the friction wheel group. The two are connected with the ball screw through the coupling joint, and the axial position of the ball screw is limited by the fixed support

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