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LANXESS provides raw materials for the production of organic plates

it is reported that the hybrid material components used in the front end of Audi A8 use light organic plates for the first time. This part is produced by Magna Decoma exterior systems GmbH. Semi finished organic plates are supplied by German bond laminates GmbH, while special chemicals group LANXESS provides customized polyamide 6 Durethan for organic plates and injection molding processing

the additional stiffness of plastic metal composite technology not only reduces the weight of the vehicle, but also improves its safety and comfort. The lightweight material is used to create a 1.0 mm THIN U-shaped section on the front sill of the mixed material, which vigorously implements the introduction of innovation and collaborative innovation. Compared with aluminum of corresponding thickness, its weight is reduced by 20%

magna carried out the mechanical design of the front end of organic plate mixed materials according to the technical specifications and won the "most innovative enterprise award". Before that, it should first develop a prototype reinforced by aluminum plate. It turns out that strict strength and stiffness requirements are extremely challenging. The double torsion ring adopted in the new structure concept greatly improves the rigidity of the front end of the vehicle, thus maximizing the safety

for the production of composite front-end, Milan vignjevic, head of Asia Pacific of semi crystalline products business department of LANXESS, commented: "we use 30% glass fiber reinforced polyamide 6, which is easy to flow, and can be processed under low injection pressure and temperature conditions. It can be used for thin-wall, minimizing warpage and shrinkage." In addition, LANXESS provided magnadecoma with support for the quality of products sold through unofficial channels throughout the production process. It helps to calculate the best position of polyamide stiffener, minimize warpage through rheological calculation, and determine the correct position of injection point. Bond laminates helps optimize the forming of semi-finished organic sheets and the adhesion between organic sheets and injection molding materials

for example, the use of digital light processing technology (DLP)

organic plate composite technology is not limited to the front end of the vehicle. It can be used in any part of the car body that needs reinforcement and absorbs a lot of collision energy. For example, the frame components of the panoramic roof. Another promising application area is to strengthen the functional modules of doors and hatches with integrated locks and handles, power window guides, and various fasteners

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