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LANXESS and Sinopec association signed a cooperation agreement

recently, LANXESS, a German special chemicals group, signed a letter of intent with the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as CPCIA). Both sides agreed to carry out more extensive and effective cooperation in industrial development, environmental protection and analysis of the development trend of the chemical industry. Everyone must pay attention to cooperation in the process of use

at the signing ceremony held on November 16, 2009, Dr. Russell, the director of LANXESS, said: "as a global company such as psf/pbt, psf/abs and psf+ mineral powder special chemicals, we have always been committed to using internationally sustainable products, experience and advanced technology to help China meet the severe challenges of water, energy and environment." Dr. Russell stressed the importance of the chemical industry in both China and Germany, and said: "I believe that through the cooperation with the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, we can better communicate with such a first-class industry association and share experience and resources, so as to benefit the global chemical industry."

in recent years, foreign countries have made great efforts to Li Yongwu, President of the oil and Chemical Industry Association, said, "the China Petroleum and chemical industry association is an industry organization that serves the development of China's petroleum and chemical industry, including foreign-funded enterprises in China. The association plays its role by building bridges, communicating information, reflecting demands, and promoting the development of enterprises and industries."

President Li also pointed out that China's petroleum and chemical industry is facing the arduous task of structural adjustment and industrial upgrading. He commented: "in fact, the problems facing China at present are those experienced by Western counterparts many years ago. Through cooperation, we will be able to learn a lot and play a beneficial role in guiding the development of the industry."

China Petroleum and chemical industry association was established in April, 2001, which was restructured from the former State Administration of petroleum and chemical industry, and is dedicated to issues related to the development of China's chemical and petroleum industry

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