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Langfang Xianghe robot industrial port has become a highland of industrial development

Abstract: well known enterprises have settled in, the industrial chain has been continuously improved, and the park is developing vigorously. Since the construction started in 2014, Xianghe robot industrial port is becoming a highland for the development of robot industry

in Xianghe robot industrial port, the technicians of nimak Welding Technology Co., Ltd. are debugging the equipment that can be coated with a little varnish. Photographed by Ma Yanming's correspondent Zhang Zhen,

well known enterprises have settled in one after another, the industrial chain has been continuously improved, and the park is developing vigorously. Since the construction started in 2014, Xianghe robot industrial port is becoming a highland for the development of robot industry

with the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and the promotion of Beijing's industrial relief, a large number of robot enterprises from Beijing have found new development platforms in Xianghe County, which is only 40 kilometers away from Beijing CBD

the industrial port has gathered 81 robot enterprises, 75 of which are from Beijing

starting from the home of Beijing Tiantongyuan, we drove an hour and ten minutes to huitianwei (Xianghe) Technology Co., Ltd., the work unit located in Xianghe robot industrial port. Living in Beijing and working in Xianghe, Zhao Guorui has walked such a journey for more than a year

Beijing huitianwei Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2005, is a 3D printing high-tech enterprise, and settled in Xianghe robot industrial port in 2016

Zhao Guorui said that huitianwei began to seek new development space very early and planned to move the factory with such wonderful use of salt, which is the most common in life, out of Beijing. Xianghe robot industrial port has a good development environment, preferential policies and good services. It is close to Beijing and is an ideal development place for enterprises

it is precisely because of the promising development prospects of Xianghe that Beijing huitianwei Technology Co., Ltd. eased some R & D and all production sectors to Xianghe robot industrial port and established a new company. At present, huitianwei (Xianghe) Technology Co., Ltd. has four production lines, each of which can produce a 3D printer in 20 minutes. "My plan is to produce more than 100 million yuan in three years." Zhao Guorui is full of confidence

there are many operators who are as optimistic about the development prospects of Xianghe as Zhao Guorui. German nimak company is a famous industrial robot manufacturer, which invented the world's first manual integrated welding tongs and the first robot welding tongs. In 2006, nimak Welding Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Beijing, focusing on developing the Chinese market. At the end of 2016, the company moved to Xianghe robot industrial port as a whole

recently, the author saw in the production workshop of nimak Welding Technology Co., Ltd., several technicians gathered together and were inspecting the assembled robot welding tongs. Sun Liang, the marketing specialist of the company, said that after more than a year of operation, the company has expanded its production scale and increased varieties in Xianghe, with a good momentum of development. "Now we have 5000 square meters of production and office space, and we have booked a 2000 square meter plant for the second phase of the industrial port project."

in June 2017, ATI industrial automation, an enterprise focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of robot end execution tools, settled in Xianghe, which is the first factory invested by ATI in China. In September 2017, the world leader in painting robot industry Yaskawa Turin company settled in Xianghe and will invest in the construction of Yaskawa Turin painting robot system experiment and training project

According to Zhang Jinwu, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xianghe economic and Technological Development Zone, the construction of Xianghe robot industrial port began in July 2014. The Park focuses on Beijing, a highland of scientific and technological innovation, and actively undertakes industrial spillovers. It has developed into a new highland of robot industry in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region. At present, 81 robot enterprises have gathered in the industrial port, of which 75 are from Beijing

pay attention to the development of industrial chain and gradually build a robot industry ecosystem

many enterprises choose to settle in Xianghe robot industrial port because the robot industrial chain has been preliminarily established here. The main disadvantages of these two transmission modes: the former requires regular lubrication

when I came to a conference room of meiborui Xianghe Electronic Technology Information Co., Ltd., I saw a variety of membrane switches and membrane panels on the display cabinets on both sides of the room. Membrane switches and membrane panels are mainly used in industrial control, household appliances, instrumentation and other fields, and are also widely used in the robot industry

Wang Qi, the production director of the company, said that after technological research and innovation, the enterprise has completed the application of many key technologies, such as touch screen technology, light guide technology, OCA window technology, and achieved a complete transformation from traditional silk printing to digital UV printing

"we are now working towards integration and have made some achievements." Wang Qi said that the company has been very mature in technologies such as touch screen and membrane switch combination, LCD and membrane switch combination, and can provide complete membrane switch combination for relevant enterprises. At present, the company has cooperated with some robot enterprises in the industrial port to provide customized membrane switches and other products

Billy Reggie company is an enterprise focusing on the rapid maintenance and repair of five spindle heads, electric spindles and other products. Due to the industrial chain relationship in business, this enterprise and customer enterprises came to Xianghe from Beijing. Wang Jiong, the person in charge of the company, said that their customer enterprises mainly develop and produce electric spindles, five axis linkage double swing heads, CNC turntables and other equipment. Entering the industrial port together can save costs

Zhang Jinwu said that in attracting investment, they introduced upstream and downstream supporting enterprises in accordance with the idea of "an industrial park is an industrial cluster", which significantly improved the entire industrial ecosystem. At present, the production fields of the enterprises settled in the industrial port cover many fields in the robot industry, such as control systems, servo motors, reducers, system integration and demonstration applications, and have become the highland of the robot industry with the most complete categories in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region

the settled enterprises also benefit from the improvement of the industrial ecosystem. "At present, we have developed more than 100 agent dealers in many provinces across the country, and our products are also sold abroad." Zhao Guorui said that since entering the industrial port, the production scale of the company has expanded, the production cost has been reduced, and the shipment speed has been greatly accelerated. The company has more than 80 employees. After settling in Xianghe, the number of employees has grown to more than 200, and the scientific research ability has been greatly enhanced

build an industry university research platform, improve the industrial carrier, and continuously enhance the self upgrading ability of the industrial port.

not only enterprises settle in, but also well-known scientific research institutions choose to settle in Xianghe. In September 2017, Beihang intelligent technology and Robotics (Xianghe) research center, jointly built by the Robotics Research Institute of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Xianghe robot industrial port, was inaugurated. The two sides carried out in-depth cooperation, and the Institute provided intellectual support to Xianghe in terms of hardware development, introduction of special technologies, and the development direction of robot industry

Xianghe robot (1) experimental machine preparation industrial port also cooperates with Hebei University of technology, China Institute of mechanical automation and other universities and scientific research institutions to actively create an industrial development platform combining industry, University and research. With the gradual maturity of the industry university research platform, Xianghe robot industrial port has also won the titles of "top 100 innovative industrial parks in China" and "industrial park with the best investment environment"

European style red workshops, clean roads, garbage cans in various robot shapes... In Xianghe robot industrial port, the elegant environment is pleasant. For the settled enterprises, the hardware facilities provided by the park are not only a living community with ecological environment and beautiful landscape, but also a vibrant industrial carrier

according to the plan, a robot building providing intelligent services will be built between phase I and phase III of Xianghe robot industrial port. The robot building focuses on industrial R & D and undertakes the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of incubated enterprises in the innovation center and other potential enterprises. Echoing the robot building, a robot hotel will be built on the east side of phase III of the industrial port to serve the high-end industry crowd. On the east side of the robot Hotel, the robot sports park has completed the construction of the main functional area and will become a place for people working here and surrounding residents to relax, entertain and exercise

the growth and development of enterprises need perfect industrial service support. According to reports, Xianghe robot industrial port has set up an industrial ecological service system composed of eight elements, including government services, credit finance, talent technology, incubation acceleration, data collation, supply chain market, brand value-added and life support, and has successively declared policy subsidies for settled enterprises for more than 60 times, with a total subsidy of nearly 75million yuan, and the self upgrading ability of the park has been continuously enhanced

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