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LANXESS green rubber day emphasizes the importance of green tires and labels

since the 1990s, China's automobile production has achieved three major breakthroughs. By 2010, China's automobile production and sales exceeded 18million. China has gradually entered the automotive society, and the development of the automotive industry has also promoted the development of China's automobile tire manufacturing industry. Recently, Christoph LLA, head of market and R & D of LANXESS high performance polybutadiene rubber, delivered an important speech on the "LANXESS green rubber day" on the "role and importance of green tires and tire labels". This is the second green rubber day held by LANXESS in China after Macau

Christoph LLA said, "at present, China has become a major tire manufacturer in the world, with an annual output of 420million sets of automobile tires, accounting for one third of the global tires. It is estimated that by 2015, this number will reach 570million. This is also a main reason why we choose to hold the rubber day in China again, and it is also the reason why we continue to develop new applications of synthetic rubber and explore the development trend of synthetic rubber."

lla introduces the advantages of synthetic rubber in combination with the two global trends of tire labels and high-performance green tires. With the introduction of the tire labeling plan, many foreign tire and automobile manufacturers exported to the EU must comply with the EU's new tire labeling regulations that should be adjusted or cleaned. These labels will have an important impact on tires and promote the improvement of tire quality and performance. For example, energy efficiency labels used in the European Union and the United States. After using these labels, energy efficiency has quickly become the primary concern of electrical consumers to reduce environmental pollution. When these labels become standards in the world's major media markets, the market demand for fuel-efficient green tires will surge. Green tires can reduce% of rolling resistance, thereby reducing% of fuel consumption

in terms of environmental protection, high-quality green tires have obvious advantages. In addition, green tires are more durable and therefore help reduce waste. In view of the soaring global oil prices and the active efforts of countries around the world to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it is expected that the global market share of green tires will increase by 15% after the introduction of mandatory tire labels in the EU. In addition, another important reason for producing green tires in China is that with 2. The thickness of the test piece should be measured after cooling; With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, green tires will play a role in expanding the series of electric vehicle products

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