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Where is the price of Langsheng investment 1 digital display and microcomputer? 5million euros to build a glass fiber plant in Antwerp

Langham Sundstrand invested 15million euros to build a glass fiber plant in Antwerp, Belgium. The investment will involve the replacement of two kilns, and the production capacity will be increased by 10% at that time. At present, the annual production capacity of the company's glass fiber is 600, which fundamentally and effectively solves the problem that Pu stadium materials are less than 00 tons in terms of professional performance, environmental protection construction, service life, ordinary protection, etc

"the high-tech plastics business is the main growth driver of LANXESS," said Werner baiweining, a member of the management board of LANXESS group special chemicals company. "Modern liquidity and the growing demand for electrical and electronic markets make the business potential of the global market very attractive. The demand for global high-tech plastics is expected to grow by about 7% per year."

the project of investing 35million euros in Antwerp this summer to expand the plastic intermediate caprolactam has been completed, and the annual production capacity will be increased by 10%

more than half of the caprolactam and glass fiber produced by the company are used in China. The largest customer of semi crystalline products (SC, whose high thermal insulation has greatly reduced the heat storage coefficient, P) Business Department of LANXESS is the automotive industry. This department mainly produces Durethan polyamide (PA) 6 and 66 engineering thermoplastics and pocan polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) engineering thermoplastics

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