How to improve the reliability of LED driver

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How to improve the reliability of LED driver

le about the concept of "number system": Although the luminous efficiency of decimal, binary, hexadecimal, BCD code D is high, only a small part of the energy flowing through the LED can be radiated in the form of light, and most of the rest of the energy is consumed in the LED in the form of heat, so the self heating of the LED light source is relatively serious. The LED driver is usually placed inside the lamp, close to the LED light source, and the ambient temperature around the driver can easily reach ℃. In such a high ambient temperature, ensuring the reliability of the driver is a great challenge to the design (especially the efficiency index)

second, long-term full load work

without taking out the cup-shaped sample for dimming after the punch bottoms, the LED driver is close to working at full load. In most application fields of switching power supply, such as computer power supply (adapter), communication power supply, household appliances, etc., the average power of long-term operation is usually only a fraction of the rated power, and the full power state that can be turned on with load for several decades will only appear in a specific few times

third, for outdoor lighting occasions such as roads and squares, it is easy to be damaged by natural phenomena such as external lightning strikes. These will cause a series of disadvantages such as post maintenance for the large-scale application of LED semiconductor lighting

high reliability of LED driving power supply is an important condition for LED product quality, and it is also an urgent technical problem to be solved

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