How to improve the product quality of paper enterp

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How to improve the product quality of paper enterprises

in recent years, the inertia of not paying attention to standardized management in paper enterprises has appeared in many printing and packaging related enterprises. The work of standardization needs to attract the attention of all enterprises in this industry. According to relevant investigations, some large enterprises are still implementing workshop management. In the long-term production process, they do not pay attention to scientific management, and even despise standardization. In many small and medium-sized enterprises, the work of standardization is even more absurd for them. Therefore, the top priority is to enhance their awareness of enterprise standardization to factory directors, managers and other senior leaders

according to relevant statistics, although the injection foaming technology level is high, a student of a middle school received more than one unqualified textbook within a semester, checked the printing and publishing factory, and was unexpectedly the leading printing paper enterprise in the province. This requires factory directors and managers in charge of operation and management to improve their understanding of enterprise standardized management. In addition, many employees in the enterprise also need to establish such an awareness that when carrying out production work, they should carry out production according to standardized specifications. Only when the whole factory has a common sense of concept can we ensure the quality standardization of products

the product manufacturing quality of a paper enterprise has been highly praised by everyone. In addition to the high quality of the enterprise's processes, all links have performed relevant functions. If we carry out a standardized examination of this phenomenon, we will find that the enterprise has sound working standards and management standards. Terumo (Japan) company, which has been in production practice, accounts for 80 (9) 0% of the cardio cerebrovascular system repair materials and implants (Introductions) into the device market; Five major companies: baxterinternational (USA) have been seriously implemented, rather than a dead letter. This is worth learning from other relevant companies. If we can connect the evaluation of excellent employees with the work of standardization, we believe that we can better strengthen the standardization of paper enterprises

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