How to improve the struggling CRM

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How to improve the struggling CRM

are you ready for a new wave of CRM? For it managers, the most important thing is to understand the deficiencies and pitfalls brought by various systems from the existing CRM systems

in 2002, I wrote a CRM Manual: customer relationship management business guide. At that time, enterprises often spent millions of dollars to buy CRM software. Unfortunately, according to the prediction of industry analysts, 80% of CRM projects are facing failure

the mistakes and traps in the early implementation of CRM system are now widely known and carefully avoided. But at that time, you will see a large number of enterprises rush to CRM technology, but found that it can not automatically repair fragmented business processes, broken data and wrong strategies

some consultants hope to improve the initiative of CRM by introducing the important idea of change management, in order to help those enterprises in trouble get back on track, but most of them failed to stick to it. One of the most important reasons is that the managers of enterprises still regard technology as the Almighty sword and stubbornly indulge in the existing business processes and traditional success indicators

on the other hand, a serious problem is that many enterprises do not realize that whether they generate orders repeatedly, in the production process of turning orders into cash, or specifically to establish a new measurement method for a production process, their ultimate goal is to improve their customer satisfaction. At the same time, although the millions of dollars spent on CRM is definitely not a small number, it is also normal for an enterprise. Therefore, many enterprises do not really care about the promotion of CRM technology, but only about whether this project can be completed in time

the current situation is that most managers are aware of the shortcomings of their systems and strive to implement CRM systems, hoping to form an automatic customer-oriented business process and break the long-standing "single customer interface". For example, managers of sales department, marketing department and customer service department will find that CRM is not just a technical solution after entering the actual operation of CRM

have a new taste

however, the management needs of "sustainable development" customers are gradually recovering in the new enterprise strategy. Is your company ready for the next wave of CRM

smart managers will learn from the lessons learned before, adjust the force of CRM on enterprise strategy, and only invest in CRM plans that meet the technical investment standards. They will strengthen the partnership with those consulting companies that have formed systematic and structured solutions, and always consider which existing solutions should be invested additionally

grange insurance company is a company with management foresight located in Columbus, Ohio, USA. "We are very lucky to have a management team that supports us in terms of customer experience." Mike Buzek, vice president of the company, said, "however, we know that we can't just sit there and guide our target customers by stating our vision for the future. We must constantly improve the level of customer experience and never give up the good relationship with the agents and policyholders who are most suitable for us."

buzek and his team have made some reactions to the application of the new best solution in customer management. Here are five habits formed by some experienced entrepreneurs in the implementation of customer-centric CRM program:

don't simply call it "customer relationship management". Such a title is very worrying. What enterprises expect is to own and use their own businesses and brands more thoroughly. When you walk in the office of the sales or marketing department of any large enterprise, you will hear the words "customer experience management" (CEM) or "voice of customers" more than "CRM"

keep your business model in mind. The company hopes to use their CRM system to specifically understand the use behavior of customers of a certain product; Different from this, medical enterprises hope that their CRM can go deep into the end customers; Retailers who want to have credit cards need to understand the "boundary" of the CRM they apply in their internal and external industries, and do not exceed this boundary. If any enterprise has questions about its business model, they can find the answer as long as they describe the results they want, and they can find the most suitable CRM system for them

make full use of the effectiveness of social media. Many customer management experts are optimistic about the so-called "social CRM" to wake up the traditional CRM that has not made much progress. However, where can we go to have a deep understanding of the real customer experience? Your Facebook community and Twitter account are just two additional communication channels. The company brand and the dialogue between you and your customers are often better than the advantages brought by social media

recently, a bank manager revealed his wish: "we have made great efforts on the social media platform in order to be closer to our customers, but we have not been able to see all the products and services set by a customer on the screen, let alone use it to judge whether he has a far-reaching impact on our business development." Therefore, the goal of applying social media in enterprises should be to set up a series of rich customer-centric functions

consider introducing the concept of "cloud". Statements like "this customer may buy next" cannot miraculously pop up on the screen of the front desk staff. This conclusion is the result of a very careful integration process and heavy background analysis

when it comes to CRM functionality, usually some small or medium-sized companies have sophisticated process plans and storage requirements. Don't let the lack of existing technology or incomplete infrastructure become an excuse not to implement new CRM achievements. In the "cloud", a large number of CRM solutions support the rental mode, which reduces a lot of infrastructure construction and installation costs

don't forget the data. The "only truth" promised by many CRM suppliers has been replaced by reality. Yesterday's CRM tool has become a legacy system for today's Polyurethane enterprises to aim at the new situation of automotive development. The new customer-centric strategy needs to rely on the generation of huge, accurate, meaningful and coordinated data across different fields. In fact, for customers, the only truth of CRM is not only a formal data management process, but also a centralized technology platform

too much and cumbersome is equal to zero

try to answer the question "what is your customer data recording system". If the answer is "we have more than one customer data recording system", then this means that you have no so-called customer data recording system at all. This is a good opportunity to understand why data quality cannot be guaranteed. The fact is, it has too many versions

as our cognition of how to deploy CRM in a correct way changes, the complexity of customers is also changing. They need to strengthen relationship control, which will also bring great expectations to enterprises

if an enterprise wants to expand its customer range, it must first know the purchasing habits of these customers and provide a product that conforms to the next purchase analysis results. Carry out meaningful dialogue with customers at an appropriate time to optimize enterprise business processes, business function structure and information access methods, so as to increase brand attraction and encourage customers to accept you again

first and second thing

does your company have plans to resume its CRM? Or have you ever been given a very obvious job of "knowing your customers"? In any case, the most important step is that you should consider how to stimulate the initiative of customers in the right way

first of all, as long as it can be cleaned and prepared for testing, it is necessary to make your CRM system consistent with the company's strategy. Most companies' CRM systems have more than one separate business process, and these CRM systems will bring additional competitive advantages and higher efficiency to the company. Introduce a new CRM system into the company's key strategy. Once approved by the top management, you will strengthen the support of the top management

few managers will despise a customer-centric project that is consistent with the company's strategy. Managers only need to ensure that they have enough funds to participate in the support of CRM system

fully understand the planning blueprint of your company. Will the company spend money to participate in targeted communication with its customers or potential customers in some TV or outdoor advertisements? Should you start with the 20% of your customers who bring you up to 80% of your profits? It's up to you to decide where to start the CRM system, but the key is to control the increment

some measurement standards should be changed. We should reward and compensate those employees who have the courage to make new attempts and are customer-centric in everything. The most feasible way is to ensure that everyone in the board of directors changes their measurement standards and accepts the corresponding compensation to lay a good foundation for the better development of "1035"

my company once helped an automobile company establish their CRM system in its call center. For those users of standard brands, automobile manufacturers should compensate the employees of the call center according to how much they can handle every hour and every day. For users of luxury brands, automakers will compensate employees based on the actual customer satisfaction survey results. We should ensure that all customers will receive good service, but we should provide the best service to customers who can bring the greatest value to the enterprise. Such service can motivate customers to optimize the whole business process

finally, don't forget the expectations in management. For grange, the most difficult part is to establish its road map, Buzek confirmed. "Our investment in a clear and successive delivery plan is the focus of our continuous improvement, and then we will share this plan with our depository." He recalled, "in this way, everyone will understand the value of improving the customer experience. Our customer experience management (CEM) system will help us understand the more impact of excellent customer experience, so that we can continue to provide these 'wow' moments. This is good not only for us, but also for our agents and policyholders." (end)

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