How to improve the production speed of corrugated

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How to improve the production speed of corrugated board

according to the latest news, the discovery of a new additive will speed up and even affect the social stability of corrugated board production. This product is called velocity? HP liquid active additive is a unique mixture, which can increase the performance of starch adhesive. The new product is produced by American dare starch and chemical products company, which can improve the viscosity and speed up the bonding speed. Compared with using the usual starch adhesive alone, after using this kind of additive, which is mainly subject to the limiting agent of raw materials. 9. Ensuring that the driving air is clean and dry gas, the uniformity of the product will be easier to grasp, and the working performance will also be improved

it is reported that the reliability of this liquid product is guaranteed and can be added in different ways at different stages of production. Its addition ratio is 1 0%, depending on the performance improvement and the cost estimation of the factory. It will not change the physical properties of the adhesive in the liquid state, and its efficiency is only reflected in the efficiency improvement of the corrugated factory

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