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Three development stages of MK2 plate washer

Guide: the development of MK2 plate washer can be roughly divided into three stages, simple, automatic and integrated environmental plate washer. The plate washer is specially used to clean the enzyme label plate, which is generally used together with the enzyme label instrument. It has been developed for many years from the original pure manual operation to the multi head dispenser, and then to the current full-automatic work. It has been widely used in the cleaning of enzyme label plates in hospitals, blood stations, health and epidemic prevention stations, reagent factories and research laboratories

1. Simple type can also be called manual plate washer. Generally, negative pressure pump and cleaning head can complete the most basic liquid suction, and there are also devices that can complete the liquid adding action. This kind of device can be used when the workload is small due to its extremely low cost and convenient use

2. Automatic plate washing machine: it can complete the plate washing work of the specified number of times and strips according to the user's settings, and some have simple storage functions. The main purpose is to use automation technology to replace manual labor. There are strip type and plate type

3. The dimming performance of the integrated environment reflector can be compared with that of artificial high molecular materials. With the development of ELISA, the American plate washing machine will achieve about 17% of the sales revenue of China's construction machinery industry according to the development of ELISA; The export volume will increase by about 25%; The export of the industry will recover to the highest level in the history before the financial crisis and 2008. It is developed with the advice of experts and in combination with their respective research on plate washing technology. It is characterized by providing a good plate washing environment, emphasizing the washing effect rather than automation, and has certain intelligent characteristics

4. The washing environment is actually a group of parameters and washing actions that are conducive to improving the washing effect. For specific applications, some are very practical and effective, such as bottom flushing, two-point suction, vibration, cross suction (rinsing), etc; Some are only the advertising words of the manufacturer. Well designed washing conditions can indeed achieve good results

5. In addition to the requirements of thorough, stable and reliable washing, the plate washing machine that meets the specific application of ELISA in China should also have: Chinese display, simple operation, micro pore plate position adjustment function, convenient accessories and reasonable price, good after-sales service, two-point suction, bottom washing, cross suction and other functions, and can wash 48 pore plates

precautions for choosing MK2 plate washer

1. Key indicators: residue: <2ul

can you provide a selectable plate washing environment: the number of plate washing times, strips, soaking time, etc. are the basic parameters of the plate washer, which can generally be met. It is recommended to choose an instrument with the functions of bottom flushing and two-point liquid absorption; Bottom flushing is beneficial to reduce the interference adsorption at the bottom of the microplate; Two point aspiration can greatly reduce the residual amount of microporous liquid. This is very effective in improving the washing effect. The minimum residue is very important for PCR ELISA, because it is not allowed to make decisions in the manipulation of PCR ELISA to prevent pollution

2. Whether the kit has compatibility and expansibility for domestic parts in the process of use or after repeated assembly

compatibility is mainly for domestic microporous plates with different specifications and sizes. The instrument should have the function of adjusting the position of microporous plates to adapt to the actual situation of domestic reagents. The expansibility is mainly to adapt to some new applications, such as the newly added 86 type microplate of Shanghai Kehua, which cannot be cleaned by many plate washing machines

3. Examine the reliability of the instrument and the reliability of the washing effect

first, the reliability of the instrument itself to ensure that the instrument can display normally and move accurately within its service life, which can be achieved by examining the technology and production strength of the instrument manufacturer; One is the reliability of washing effect, that is, to truly achieve the purpose of replacing or even better than manual washing, which requires consulting the superior unit or typical user using the instrument

4. Whether the accessories are sufficient

whether the manufacturer can provide commonly used and vulnerable accessories, such as shampoo, which should be standby for 8 and 12 channels respectively, and should be eliminated regularly, such as lotion bottles, silicone tubes, etc., which should be easy to buy

5. Whether the after-sales service is timely and the price is reasonable

the plate washing machine is an instrument with a relatively high utilization rate. From the perspective of movement alone, its frequency is dozens of times that of the enzyme label instrument. Some hospitals use it for two years and scrap it, because there is no after-sales service or the price of after-sales service is too high, and some only scrap the whole machine due to the lack of a spare part, which is a great pity. Therefore, timely after-sales service and relatively reasonable service price are the factors that should be considered when purchasing the washing machine. From the perspective of ensuring the effect of the plate washer, it is suggested that users should regularly maintain the plate washer according to the use situation, rather than passively wait for the instrument to be repaired when it cannot work. This work can be completed by the manufacturer or by relevant staff with the assistance of the manufacturer

6. Whether the man-machine interface is friendly, and it is best to cut soft plastic sheets of various thicknesses within the range of 1 (6) mm, which is displayed in Chinese

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