How to improve the reliability of power supply

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How to improve the reliability of power supply

in the agricultural transformation, we further improved the organization, improved the management system, strengthened the reliability statistics and analysis, and implemented the weekly power outage plan for maintenance and projects. The reliability and safety of rural electricity have been greatly strengthened. The reliability of rural electricity has increased from 0.99528 in 1998 to 0.99689, and accidents have also been greatly reduced

our bureau, as a pilot county and district for the two rural transformation, has already completed the transformation of rural electricity and implemented the same price. In the agricultural transformation, strengthening the reliability and safety of rural electricity is important. The following mainly talks about our measures to strengthen the reliability and safety of rural electricity in agricultural construction:

1 reasonable distribution structure

(1) dual power points:

our district has one original 220kV substation, one 110kV substation, three 35kV substations, and nine 35kV lines. In the rural reconstruction, a 35KV transformer and a 35KV line, about 2.1km, have been newly built, and about 10km of 35kV lines have been reconstructed, so that each substation can ensure two power supply points. A ring form is formed between some substations, which increases the reliability of substation power supply

(2) ring connection:

in the rural reconstruction, we have newly built about 41.8km of 10kV lines, reconstructed 6.2 km of which require human participation, and newly installed about 15 vacuum circuit breakers. The above large-scale reconstruction and construction further enable the ends of 10kV trunk lines connected from different switchyards (substations) to form a ring structure through switches and single poles. At the same time, vacuum circuit breakers and knife switches are used in the middle of each main line, In order to reduce the scope of power failure during fault and maintenance, the ends of the two low-voltage trunk lines from different utilities are also connected through switches and knife switches, so that the low-voltage lines are also connected into a ring structure. The above transformation further strengthens the interconnection and mutual supply capacity of farmers, reduces the scope of power failure during fault and maintenance, and increases the reliability and safety of electricity

(3) strengthen the rural planning, increase the wire diameter, and improve the power supply margin of rural electricity:

in the rural reconstruction, further strengthen the planning and design of all high and low voltage distribution and rural public transformers, and the competent department shall strictly control them; During the transformation, the wire diameter of the conductor has been scientifically increased, and the agricultural tools have strong data, such as large value, small value, average value, net energy, turn back energy, total energy, tortuous modulus, breakpoint displacement x% load, breakpoint load x% displacement, etc. basically, 150mm 2 conductors or 120mm 2 conductors are used for the trunk line of 10kV line in villages, 95mm 2 for the outgoing cable of public transformer in rural areas, 70mm 2 for the main line of comprehensive line, 50mm 2 for branch lines; Agricultural line 25mm 2; Street light line 25mm 2; At the same time, reduce the power supply radius of rural public transformers. The power supply radius of a single distribution transformer is generally less than 500m. The power supply radius of market towns and villages with concentrated loads is less than 300m, and that of mountainous areas is less than 800m; The connection line adopts aluminum-plastic wire of no less than 10mm 2 for 1 ~ 2 households, no less than 16mm2 for 3 ~ 4 households, and no less than 25mm 2 for 5 ~ 6 households. Aluminum-plastic aluminum alloy has very good characteristic lines. The increase of wiring diameter greatly strengthens the power supply capacity of electricity

2 take the lead in science and technology, strengthen technical measures, and vigorously promote the use of new products

(1) gradually use high-voltage cables and insulated conductors in rural power transformation. Our bureau uses about 2.96km of cables with different specifications in the agricultural reconstruction, and uses insulated wires at places where the safety distance is not enough, with the specifications from 35 to 120mm2, and low-voltage insulated wires from 35 to 95mm2, which greatly reduces the failure rate and plays a great role in improving the reliability and safety of electricity

(2) replace the pin insulator with the rod insulator. Due to the poor withstand voltage capacity of the pin insulator, the pin insulator often breaks down in the thunderstorm season, causing single-phase grounding, and the fault point is difficult to find, which prolongs the power outage time. After using the rod insulator, the situation is greatly improved

(4. Test process: the experimental process, measurement, display, analysis, etc. are completed by microcomputer; 3) replace the oil circuit breaker with vacuum circuit breaker. The technical performance and safety of vacuum circuit breaker are much higher than that of oil circuit breaker

(4) metal oxide arrester replaces valve arrester to enhance the ability of line lightning protection and overvoltage prevention

(5) adopt fully sealed transformer:

the original S7 transformer, after being put into operation, makes the transformer absorb too much water, which affects the service life and operation safety of the transformer. Now, fully sealed transformers are gradually used, which are safe, reliable and economical. After application, the accidents of our transformers will be reduced

3 realize distribution automation and computer management

(1) dispatching automation:

realizing distribution automation is an inevitable trend to improve the reliability of power supply. Under current conditions, we first realize the dispatching automation of switching stations and substations. The telecontrol situation of the switchyard is: remote opening, remote closing, switch closing and opening status, the semaphore of various signal relays, 10kV bus voltage and 10kV incoming and outgoing line current. The terminal RTU adopts rts-200 AC sampling distributed modular structure, and the dispatching end is swj-700 system with wireless channel and a wireless

(2) MIS Development:

the development of MIS ensures the reliability of power supply from the perspective of management. The key of MIS is the development of GIS (Geographic Information System), that is to have a good map. The location of almost every pole is marked on the map. After the successful development, we will connect all power supply stations, substations, dispatching rooms, etc. with optical cables to achieve information sharing. This makes the distribution play a great role in planning, locating the fault point, displaying the scope of power failure, finding the weak links of distribution, and so on

in the agricultural transformation, the organization was further improved, the management system was improved, the reliability statistics and analysis were strengthened, and the weekly power outage plan was implemented for maintenance and projects. The reliability and safety of rural electricity have been greatly strengthened. The reliability of rural electricity has increased from 0.99528 in 1998 to 0.99689, and accidents have also been greatly reduced

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